American Psychological Association Format Reminders

Good evening to all!

The American Psychological Association (APA) is used in most social science fields such as Criminal Justice and Social Work. Just a few tidbits regarding the APA format that may help you improve your research papers.

  • When using direct quotes within the paper (in-text citations) be sure to provide the authors name, year of the article, and page number in parentheses. eg: (Lawson, 2010, p. 897)
  • When using in-text citations and paraphrasing, you should provide the authors name and the year of the article in parentheses. eg: (Lawson et al, 2010).
  • For two authors being cited in an in-text citation, you should use the “&” symbol between the two authors. eg: (Lawson & Styles, 2013).
  • When there is three or more authors writing an article you should use “et al” after the first authors last name in the in-text citation. eg: (Lawson et al, 2016, p. 267).
  • For anything outside of parentheses write out the word “and” instead of using the symbol.

Hope that these tidbits help improve the technical portion of writing in APA format.

Good night and sweet dreams….


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