About Us


T & H Tutoring is a innovative tutoring service for college students seeking help in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, and English. We assist students with learning concepts and theories in addition to study techniques and time management skills. Our tutors have over 12 years in education in the listed areas of study. They have developed efficient techniques to present the learning material in a manner that is easy to understand.

Additional student assistance services provided:

  • College Concierge
  • Financial aid applications and FAFSA
  • Resume Development

The additional student assistance services were developed in an unique approach to assist college students with the undertaking of attending college. With the College Concierge, college student can have a personal concierge to help them along the way from admissions to graduation. T & H Tutoring Services has experience in the college application process to the forms required for admission to applying for the yearly FAFSA financial aid form. It can be a confusing process but with the assistance of T & H  Tutors the process can be broken down and explained to ensure that the student is making the best informed decision. Upon completion of college, students find themselves discern with the creating a resume to begin job hunting. T & H Tutoring helps with the development of a resume focusing on the strong suits of the student to help them catch a job sooner.

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